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RatzenMauzers RMCA Las Vegas

Welcome to RatzenMauzers!

RatzenMauzers RMCA Las Vegas is a non profit club of Rat and Mouse enthusiasts. The club was founded in 2002 by Cathe Jones. Many of us in the club are involved in rescue. We are working towards our nonprofit status.

The club was
founded around these main objectives....

1. To educate proper care of rats and mice's our job to make sure any rat or mouse owner knows the
do's and don'ts of proper care. Such as bedding, diet, cage, etc.

2. To promote proper pet ownership and breeding.
....this means we do not promote breeding of rescues for any
reason. Breeding should be done with rats that we have background on.

3. To promote rat and mouse ownership as an enjoyable hobby.
....many people out there believe rats and mice are dirty animals
and do not make good pets. It's up to us to educate. If not us then

4. To be good hearted, friendly, and supportive to eachother.

5. To remain open to new ideas and growth.
....we need to listen to eachother. :)


Members of RatzenMauzers RMCA Las Vegas meet monthly. The first part of our meetings is business followed by fun and friendship. This is where we can all get together to talk about our small pets to others that understand and share our passion for them.


Rattie Adoptions

RatzenMauzers RMCA Las Vegas